The Division of High Stakes and Punishing Consequence

In 2024, the UFC Heavyweight Rankings will change and shift as the matchups unfold. The 265-pound division has a rich championship history.

Expect brutal takedowns, devastating KOs and shocking upsets. Whether you’re a long-standing MMA fan or a newcomer, it's impossible to ignore the Heavyweight roster.

Here are the Top 15 fighters that are currently in the running for the Championship belt.

Top 15 UFC Heavyweights

Current Champion - Jon Jones

  1. Tom Aspinall (Interim Champ)
  2. Ciryl Gane
  3. Sergei Pavlovich
  4. Curtis Blaydes
  5. Alexander Volkov
  6. Stipe Miocic
  7. Jailton Almeida
  8. Marcin Tybura
  9. Serghei Spivac
  10. Derrick Lewis
  11. Tai Tuivasa
  12. Jairzinho Rozenstruik
  13. Alexandr Romanov
  14. Marcos Rogerio De Lima
  15. Rodrigo Nascimento

Current Heavyweight Champion - Jon Jones

Inside the octagon, Jon Jones is known for his unparalleled skills, strategic brilliance, and an unyielding fighting spirit. Jones has dominated the heavyweight division.

Jon Jones' UFC journey is a highlight reel of epic moments. From his breathtaking spinning elbow against Stephan Bonnar to iconic battles with Daniel Cormier, each fight etches his legacy.

Notorious for dynamic strikes that are tough to predict and unmatched grappling, Jones's dominance and adaptability have solidified his status as a true UFC legend.

#1 Heavyweight - Tom Aspinall (Interim Champ)

Tom Aspinall's latest triumph over Sergei Pavlovich showcased his explosive prowess in the UFC. With lightning-fast hands and a seamless ground game, Aspinall secured a first-round finish, solidifying his rising status in the heavyweight division.

The victory highlighted his exceptional skills and potential for future greatness in the octagon. Raised in a region known for producing tough fighters, Aspinall began his combat sports journey in boxing before transitioning to mixed martial arts (MMA).

Aspinall's early career showcased his raw talent, and his impressive performances on the regional circuit quickly caught the attention of the UFC. Making his promotional debut in July 2020, he secured a first-round submission victory over Jake Collier, marking the beginning of his ascent in the organization.

With a background in both striking and grappling, Aspinall's versatility has been a key factor in his success. Standing at 6'5" with a fluid combination of speed and power, he possesses the tools to threaten opponents on the feet.

Simultaneously, his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills, honed at Team Kaobon in Liverpool, provide a well-rounded arsenal. Since joining the UFC, Tom Aspinall has maintained an impressive record in the UFC.

His latest victory over Sergei Pavlovich in 2023 continued his streak, further establishing him as a rising star in the heavyweight landscape.

#2 Heavyweight - Ciryl Gane

Hailing from a kickboxing background, Ciryl Gane started his professional MMA journey in 2018 and quickly gained attention for his striking prowess and fluid movement. Before entering the UFC, Gane showcased his skills in promotions like TKO and ACB, amassing a flawless record.

Gane's won his Octagon debut in August 2019 by submission, setting the stage for a remarkable career. Gane's kickboxing fighting style adds to his natural reach advantage.

Gane possesses the physical tools to dominate opponents in various aspects of the game. As of 2024, Gane has earned a record of 9 wins 2 losses in the UFC. His staying power culminated in his latest bout against Serghei Spivac in September 2023, where Gane earned a dominant victory.

#3 Heavyweight - Sergei Pavlovich

Sergei Pavlovich has a professional MMA record of 18 wins and 2 losses. Known for his explosive power and relentless style, Pavlovich made a name for himself before joining the UFC.

With a background in boxing and Combat Sambo, he possesses a well-rounded skill set that transitioned seamlessly into mixed martial arts. Pavlovich signed with the UFC in 2018, and his debut against Alistair Overeem showcased his striking prowess and raw strength.

Despite a tough first outing, he rebounded with a TKO victory over Marcelo Golm in his second UFC appearance. Standing at 6'3" with a solid frame, Pavlovich's aggressive fighting style and knockout power have made him a compelling addition to the UFC's heavyweight division.

His latest loss against Tom Aspinall ended in a first round KO at UFC 295. While his journey in the Octagon has included both victories and setbacks, his resilience and commitment to improvement have kept him in the mix among the heavyweight contenders.

#4 Heavyweight - Curtis Blaydes

Curtis "Razor" Blaydes has been a dominant force in the division since 2016. A standout collegiate wrestler, Blaydes transitioned his grappling prowess into mixed martial arts, showcasing a relentless and effective ground-and-pound style.

Debuting in the UFC in 2016, Blaydes quickly garnered attention with his powerful takedowns and striking. His wrestling skills, sharpened at Harper College, have been a defining aspect of his success, allowing him to control and overpower opponents in the cage.

Blaydes has faced elite competition in the Heavyweight division, earning victories over Tom Aspinall and Alistair Overeem. His most significant losses have come against top-tier opponents, Francis Ngannou (former UFC) and Sergei Pavlovich. At UFC 299, Blaydes defeated Jailton Almeida in a KO victory, putting his professional record at 18 wins and 4 losses.

#5 Heavyweight - Alexander Volkov

Standing at 6'7", Alexander Volkov brings a unique blend of height, striking precision, and grappling skills to the octagon. Volkov made his UFC debut in 2016, quickly earning attention with a series of impressive performances.

His background in kickboxing and a successful stint in Bellator showcased his striking expertise, while his adaptability in MMA has been a key factor in his success. A defining moment in Volkov's UFC career came in 2018 when he secured a dramatic last-second knockout victory over Fabricio Werdum.

This win catapulted him into the upper echelons of the heavyweight rankings, solidifying his reputation as a formidable contender. Known for his technical approach and measured striking, Volkov has faced some of the division's toughest competitors, including Derrick Lewis and Tai Tuivasa.

Beyond his impressive professional MMA record of 37 wins 10 losses, Volkov's international appeal and sportsmanship have also contributed to his popularity.

#6 Heavyweight - Stipe Miocic

Outside of the octagon, Stipe Miocic works as a firefighter and paramedic. He is a former Division I collegiate wrestler, with a journey to becoming a two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion that stands as a testament to his grit, skill, and resilience. Miocic's striking acumen, combined with his wrestling pedigree, makes him a versatile and well-rounded fighter.

Debuting in the UFC in 2011, he steadily climbed the ranks with notable wins over veterans like Roy Nelson and Mark Hunt. In 2016, he captured the heavyweight title with a knockout victory over Fabricio Werdum.

However, Miocic's legacy reached new heights when he engaged in a trilogy with Daniel Cormier. After a loss in their initial meeting, Miocic rebounded to reclaim the title in 2019 and successfully defended it in 2020 at UFC 252. His technical prowess, durability, and adaptability in the cage solidify his status as one of the greatest heavyweights in UFC history.

Beyond the octagon, Miocic's humility and commitment to his community further endear him to fans. Whether in thrilling title bouts or displaying sportsmanship outside the cage, Stipe Miocic stands as a true ambassador for mixed martial arts.

#7 Heavyweight - Jailton Almeida

UFC Heavyweight Jailton Almeida is quickly making a name for himself within the competitive realm of mixed martial arts at the highest level. Still a relative newcomer to the UFC, Almeida possesses an impressive skill set that underscores his potential to rise to considerable prominence.

Standing at 6'4", this Brazilian fighter has a training background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing, exemplifying the dynamic, versatile nature of his style in the Octagon. Almeida paved a substantial path for himself through his successful bouts in regional tournaments and is seeing continued success in the UFC.

Almeida won his most recent bout against Alexander Romanov (by submission) at UFC 302. Almeida's record now sits at 21 wins and 3 losses.

#8 Heavyweight - Marcin Tybura

The Polish powerhouse, Marcin Tybura, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the UFC's heavyweight division. With a diverse skill set and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tybura made his UFC debut in 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks.

Standing at 6'3" and weighing around 250 pounds, Tybura possesses a combination of striking accuracy and grappling expertise. His ability to seamlessly transition between disciplines has led to victories over notable opponents, showcasing his versatility in the octagon.

Throughout his UFC tenure, Tybura has faced some of the division's toughest competitors, including Tom Aspinall and Serghei Spivac. Notable wins and a series of impressive performances have earned him a Top 10 spot in the heavyweight division.

Tybura won his last fight in March 2024 after defeating Tai Tuivasa at UFC Fight Night: Tuivasa vs. Tybura.

#9 Heavyweight - Serghei Spivac

Serghei "Polar Bear" Spivac, was born in Chișinău, Moldova, has a background in judo and a decorated amateur MMA career. Spivac made his UFC debut in 2018, which showcased his well-rounded skill set, although he suffered a loss.

Standing at 6'3" and weighing around 260 pounds, Spivac possesses a combination of power and agility that makes him a formidable competitor. Known for his striking proficiency and grappling abilities, he has secured wins both by knockout and submission, demonstrating his versatility in the cage.

Spivac's journey in the UFC has seen him face tough opponents, including Derrick Lewis and Greg Hardy. His commitment to improvement is evident in each performance, making Spivac a consistent presence in the division with a professional record of 16 wins and 4 losses.

#10 Heavyweight - Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis aka "The Black Beast" has an impressive amount of fights with a professional record of 28 wins and 12 losses. Lewis won his most recent fight against Rodrigo Nascimento at UFC on ESPN: Lewis vs. Nascimento in May 2024.

This victory added yet another knockout to his already record-setting 15 career knockouts in the UFC. As of now, Lewis' next opponent has not been decided.

Lewis has a one of a kind, post-fight celebration. (A celebration that may or may not involve him removing one of the few articles of clothing he's wearing in the Octagon.)

Navigating the Ever-Evolving Heavyweight Division

The UFC Heavyweight Rankings constantly evolve, but one thing remains true—the Heavyweight division is always entertaining. Come back again (or sign up for updates) to stay in the loop with the rankings.

Whether you're a seasoned fight fan or MMA casual, it's impossible to ignore rising stars like Tom Aspinall and established UFC legends like Stipe Miocic. As fighters climb, fall, and rise again, the rankings represent more than just numbers—they're a reflection of the blood, sweat, and glory that define professional mixed martial arts.