UFC Featherweight Division

As one of the most exciting and competitive divisions, the UFC Featherweight rankings are full of fighters from around the world. Talented fighters who possess an extremely diverse range of martial arts skills.

From striking specialists to expert grapplers, these fighters showcase an extraordinary level of commitment, aptitude, and endurance. The Featherweight division is for fighters weighing between 135 and 145 lbs., and has historically been the launching pad for some of the UFC’s biggest stars and most unforgettable performances.

Even at the lighter weight classes, a single decision or brilliantly executed move can redefine an entire match. Here, we'll give you an in-depth analysis of the Top 15 fighters currently ranked in this division.

Whether you're a seasoned UFC fan or a newcomer to the sport, we hope you enjoy our knockout overview of the Featherweight Division's best fighters.

Current Top 15 Rankings

*This information will be updated as the rankings shift in 2024.

Current Featherweight Champion - Ilia Topuria

When Ilia Topuria defeated Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298, he became the new Featherweight Champion of the world. Topuria was born in Germany and fights out of Spain, bringing a blend of dynamic striking and ground work into the Octagon.

Many consider Topuria to be one of the best boxers in the UFC. His dominating performances earned him a currently undefeated record of 15 wins 0 losses.

#1 Featherweight - Alexander Volkanovski

In February 2024, Alex Volkanovski was defeated by Ilia Topuria at UFC 298. After being knocked out in Round 2, Volkanovski surrendered the Featherweight Championship belt.

Volk has an outstanding record of 26 wins and 4 losses. Time will tell what his plans are for the future of his professional career.

#2 Featherweight - Max Holloway

UFC fighter, Max Holloway wearing a solid black t shirt.
UFC Featherweight, Max Holloway is currently ranked as the #2 Featherweight in the UFC. Image by Cpl. Samantha Sanchez is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Max Holloway, currently ranked as the #1 contender in the Men's UFC Featherweight division, has a record of 26 wins and 7 losses. Holloway's high-volume striking game and durability have both contributed to his success.

Hailing from Hawaii, Holloway's previous reign as the Featherweight Champion (with 3 title defenses) strengthens his well-deserved place among the elite fighters. In April 2024 at UFC 300, Holloway fought Justin Gaethje (at Lightweight) for the BMF belt.

In the last second before Round 5 ended, Holloway landed an overhand that knocked Gaethje out cold, finishing the fight in spectacular fashion.

#3 Featherweight - Brian Ortega

Currently standing as the #3 contender in the Men's UFC Featherweight division, Brian Ortega is most well-known for his impressive grappling skills. Known as "T-City", the Californian fighter has earned a solid reputation for his signature triangle choke and other submission victories.

A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ortega is a constant threat on the ground with his ability to create openings for quick submissions. Ortega won his last fight after he submitted Yair Rodriguez with an arm triangle choke at UFC Fight Night: MOreno vs. Royval 2 in February 2024.

Ortega was scheduled to face off against Diego Lopes at UFC 303, but was removed from the fight card (in the middle of the event) after getting sick.

#4 Featherweight - Yair Rodriguez

Ranked as the #4 contender in Men's UFC Featherweight division, Yair Rodriguez is renowned for his exhilarating style and devastating technique. The Mexican fighter, known for his creative, fearsome kicks and amazing agility, has a professional record of 15 wins and 4 losses.

His unpredictability makes each of his fights exciting to watch. Beyond his dynamic skills, his endurance helps him stay active during grueling fights that have led to some epic comeback victories.

#5 Featherweight - Movsar Evloev

Movsar Evloev, the current #5 contender in the Men's UFC Featherweight division, has been fighting in the UFC since 2019. From the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, Evloev has exceptional wrestling skills and an ever-improving striking game into the Octagon.

His relentless pressure and superior grappling can fatigue even the most seasoned fighters. As of January 2024, Evloev is undefeated with impressive victories that point to his potential to become a future champion.

With a high fight IQ and a wrestler's tenacity, Movsar Evloev won his fight at UFC 297 by unanimous decision against fellow Featherweight contender, Arnold Allen.

#6 Featherweight - Arnold Allen

Arnold Allen is currently ranked as the #6 contender in the Men's UFC Featherweight division and has been fighting in the UFC since his debut in 2015 where he submitted Alan Omer to win a Performance of the Night award. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he has an outstanding record of 19 wins and 3 losses.

His most recent loss against Movsar Evloev at UFC 297 was decided after 3 hard-fought rounds. Allen is widely recognized for his well-rounded skillset, unrelenting tenacity, and consistent improvement.

#7 Featherweight - Josh Emmett

Josh Emmett currently holds the #7 spot in Men's UFC Featherweight division. Emerging from the MMA scene of Sacramento, California, Emmett is known for his explosive power and rock-solid wrestling base.

His high-level wrestling background, complemented by his knack for delivering heavy hands, makes for exciting match-ups. Emmett has a record of 19 wins and 4 losses and a recent KO victory over Bryce Mitchell at UFC 296 that won him a UFC Knockout of the Year (2023) award.

#8 Featherweight - Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling entered the Featherweight division with a victory against Calvin Kattar by way of unanimous decision. Sterling's current professional MMA record sits at 24 wins and just 4 losses.

Sterling's decision to move up to the 145 pound division came after suffering a loss to Sean O'Malley at UFC 292 in August 2023.

#9 Featherweight - Calvin Kattar

Calvin Kattar, currently ranked #9 in the Men's UFC Featherweight division, has earned a reputation for his crisp striking and ability to engage in championship round battles. Fighting out of Methuen Massachusetts, Kattar's technical boxing skills shine through in his stand-up game.

He lost his most recent bout against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 300, in April 2024. This updated Kattar's professional MMA record to 23 wins and 8 losses.

#10 Featherweight - Giga Chikadze

Georgian fighter Giga Chikadze, the #10 contender in the Men's UFC Featherweight division, stands out for his unique blend of skills. After competing in the K1 kickboxing organization, Chikadze transitioned to MMA.

Chikadze has developed a reputation for his finishing ability. Chikadze's striking ability, coupled with his growing ground game skills earned him a victory against Alex Caceres at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. The Korean Zombie in August 2023.

Wrapping Up the Top 15 Rankings

The Men's UFC Featherweight rankings feature a mix of knockout artists, submission specialists, and fighters that have a unique approach to their success in the Octagon. Each fighter holds their own stories of triumph, perseverance, and evolution.

Maintaining a spot within the top contenders is no less than a constant dogfight and requires a relentless grind. Sometimes, a single fight can often project an underdog to superstardom or send a top contender back to the drawing board.

Like many of the other weight classes, fighters from the Featherweight division put on some of the most exciting bouts in MMA. Come back again to check for updates throughout the month!