125 Pounds of Speed and Technical Skill

The UFC Flyweight rankings feature a dynamic array of skilled fighters who embody speed, precision, and technical skill. The top 15 contenders in this division showcase athletes like Brandon Moreno and Alexandre Pantoja, each with their own unique style and strategy in the octagon.

Expect lightning-fast strikes and exceptional grappling when you watch the fighters of the 125-pound division.

Top 15 fighters in the Flyweight division

Flyweight Champion - Alexandre Pantoja

  1. Brandon Moreno
  2. Amir Albazi
  3. Brandon Royval
  4. Kai Kara-France
  5. Matheus Nicolau
  6. Manel Kape
  7. Alex Perez
  8. Muhammad Mokaev
  9. Matt Schnell
  10. Tim Elliott
  11. Tagir Ulanbekov
  12. Steve Erceg
  13. Sumudaerji
  14. David Dvorak
  15. Tatsuro Taira

Flyweight Champion - Alexandre Pantoja

Alexandre Pantoja, nicknamed "The Cannibal", currently holds the Flyweight champion title in the UFC. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Pantoja's skill, agility, and calculated aggression in the octagon have cemented his status as a world class fighter.

Pantoja's journey in martial arts began with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, earning a black belt and developing an excellent groundwork foundation that proved invaluable in his transition to MMA. His subsequent move to the UFC only showcased his unyielding spirit and impressive skills on a larger stage.

Within the high-paced, high-stakes Flyweight division, Pantoja has consistently displayed a well-rounded game built on keen striking, superior grappling, and relentless cardio. Recently, at UFC 296, Pantoja defeated Brandon Royval in a 5 round bout, winning by unanimous decision.

He has faced tough competition and succeeded in turning challenges into victories. As Alexandre Pantoja continues to dominate the Flyweight division, we look forward to his exhilarating fights, each one a testament to his hard-earned skill and unparalleled passion for the sport.

#1 Flyweight - Brandon Moreno

Mexican fighter, Brandon "The Assassin Baby" Moreno, is an exceptional talent in the UFC. Moreno's performance in the Flyweight division has demonstrated a tenacious spirit, proving that determination and skill are a formidable combination in mixed martial arts.

Moreno's journey into the world of MMA started with his keen interest in BJJ. After earning his black belt, Moreno's deep understanding of BJJ became a valuable weapon in the tumultuous waters of the MMA arena.

UFC Flyweight, Brandon Moreno, in February 2021.
#1 UFC Flyweight, Brandon Moreno, in February 2021. Image is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

In the UFC, Moreno has earned respect and adulation for his relentless pursuit of excellence and never-give-up attitude. He has exceptional grappling skills, precise striking, and a distinguishable fighting style.

Brandon Moreno's story continues to inspire, reflecting a pure passion for MMA and the will to fight despite the odds, marking him as a distinctive talent in this division.

#2 Flyweight - Amir Albazi

Amir Albazi, known by his nickname "The Prince", is a top-notch mixed martial artist representing both Sweden and Iraq. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Albazi moved to Sweden at an early age. This is where his journey in martial arts began.

Albazi's MMA career is built on a strong foundation of grappling, stemming from his expertise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where he holds a black belt. His groundwork is exceptional, and he currently holds 9 wins by submission in his professional career.

In addition to his ground game, Albazi has sharpened his striking skills, consistently displaying good range management and shot selection in his contests. This balanced approach to fighting ensures that he remains a significant player in the high-competitive Flyweight division.

Amir Albazi's journey in the UFC showcases the potential of diligence and hard work, blending his multifaceted skills to assimilate into the high-stakes world of mixed martial arts.

#3 Flyweight - Brandon Royval

An exciting addition to the UFC Flyweight division, Brandon "Raw Dawg" Royval, has been making waves in the world of mixed martial arts. Born in Denver, Colorado, Royval's dedication to the sport and his never-back-down attitude have resulted in an action-packed UFC career.

Royval launched his professional MMA journey in 2012 and quickly established a reputation for high-paced fights and his ability to finish opponents. His skill set includes a powerful combination of striking, wrestling, and an excellent ground game, making him one of the most versatile fighters in the division.

In the UFC, Royval made an instant impact. His dynamic fighting style and inherent drive to engage in thrilling fights have not only earned him victories but also the respect of fans and fellow fighters.

Although he lost his most recent bout to Alexandre Pantoja (via unanimous decision) Brandon Royval's ongoing journey in the UFC is encapsulated by his relentless spirit, stellar performances, and the promise of even more noteworthy accomplishments in the future.

#4 Flyweight - Kai Kara-France

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Kai Kara-France, affectionately known as "Don't Blink", is a proficient mixed martial artist who competes in the Flyweight division of the UFC. Kara-France's dedication, athleticism, and consistent performances have ensured an exhilarating journey within the UFC.

Kara-France began his MMA career in 2010, gaining experience and victories in multiple promotions before joining the UFC in 2018 where he beat Elias Garcia by unanimous decision. He has since positioned himself as a fighter to watch in the stacked Flyweight division.

Noted for his dynamic striking and aggressive fighting pace, Kara-France like to bring the fight to his opponents, resulting in action-packed matches. His ability to efficiently balance his striking and grappling techniques has helped him to effectively navigate the competitive UFC arena.

As Kai Kara-France continues to compete on the world stage, his fast-paced fight style and unwavering determination serve as inspiration to both burgeoning fighters and fans alike.

#5 Flyweight - Matheus Nicolau

Matheus Nicolau, a gifted mixed martial artist from Brazil, is known for his well-rounded skill set and strategic approach to fighting that has earned him success on the global stage.

Nicolau embarked on his MMA career in 2010 and he eventually found his way into the UFC, where he showcased his striking prowess and ground game expertise. Gifted in both jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, Nicolau has successfully translated these martial arts disciplines into his MMA performance, which has resulted in numerous victories.

At his most recent outing in April of 2023, Nicolau lost to Brandon Royval by KO. His dynamic fighting style combines powerful striking, smooth submissions, and intelligent grappling, enabling him to best opponents and forge a path through the highly competitive Flyweight division.

Matheus Nicolau's career in the UFC highlights the importance of constantly evolving one's skill set and embracing an analytical approach in the pursuit of success within the world of mixed martial arts.

#6 Flyweight - Manel Kape

Manel Kape, with his imposing presence and knockout power, is a rising star in the UFC's Flyweight division. Born in Luanda, Angola on November 14, 1993, Kape — also known as "Starboy" — has displayed remarkable skill and athleticism in his mixed martial arts career.

Kape's MMA beginnings were in Portugal, where he honed his striking skills and gained a reputation for his powerful punches and quick finish potential. His impressive performances caught the attention of the UFC, and he made his debut in this premier organization in 2020.

In the highly competitive Flyweight division, Kape's explosive stand-up game and dynamic style always pose a threat to his opponents. His fights are characterized by measured aggression, quick reflexes, and technical proficiency, often ending in awe-inspiring finishes.

As Manel Kape continues in his UFC journey, his exceptional athleticism, exciting fight style and electrifying energy continue to capture the fascination of fight enthusiasts worldwide, building anticipation for his future bouts.

#7 Flyweight - Alex Perez

Alex Perez has consistently proven his mettle as a versatile mixed martial artist. Born in Hanford, California, Perez has made an impact on the division.

Perez's journey into the world of mixed martial arts started with his passion for wrestling, forming the foundation on which his grappling skills were built. He began his professional MMA career in 2011 and joined the UFC ranks in 2017, showcasing a fluid combination of striking and grappling that has led to 6 victories.

Within the division, Perez has demonstrated remarkable adaptability in the octagon. His impressive striking, strong takedowns, and solid ground game have earned him a reputation as an opponent who's best not overlooked.

At UFC 277 in 2022, Alex Perez lost by neck crank submission against current champion, Alexandre Pantoja. His ability to overcome challenges serve as an inspiration to fight fans and contenders alike.

#8 Flyweight - Muhammad Mokaev

Muhammad "The Punisher" Mokaev, is a prodigious talent in the Flyweight division. Born in Dagestan, Russia, but representing the United Kingdom, Mokaev's style combines a blend of determination and relentless energy.

Mokaev built an impressive and unbeaten amateur fighting record before transitioning to the professional ranks. He joined the UFC in 2021, highlighting his skill in grappling by winning 4 out of 5 wins by submission in less than 2 years.

Mokaev's talent in the octagon shines through his strategic movements and extraordinary grappling skills, stemming from his wrestling background. His focused demeanor and sharp tactical understanding make him a notable presence in the Flyweight division.

As Muhammad Mokaev continues in his UFC journey, his dynamic fight style, youthful energy, and ambition to reach the summit of the sport make him a worthy top contender to keep your eye on.

#9 Flyweight - Matt Schnell

Matt Schnell is an accomplished American mixed martial artist, and has earned himself the nickname "Danger". Schnell's fearless approach to fighting and ability to deliver exciting performances have marked his journey in the UFC.

Before stepping into the UFC, Schnell appeared in Season 24 of the reality television series The Ultimate Fighter, where he exhibited a strong skill set and a hunger to succeed. Since joining the UFC in 2017, he has won 6 of his last 10 fights.

Due to his submission skills, Schnell is known for a good ground game in the Octagon. His ability to seize opportunities and force a submission has earned him recognition among his peers in the division.

Matt Schnell's career in the UFC proves his commitment to the sport and is underlined by his fierce competitive spirit.

#10 Flyweight - Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott is a seasoned mixed martial artist, known for his unorthodox and unpredictable fighting style. the American fighter hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, has consistently provided fans with thrilling fights throughout his career.

Elliott's journey into the world of mixed martial arts began with NCAA Division II wrestling, and his grappling background is evident in his performances inside the octagon. He made his UFC debut in 2012, using a blend of striking and grappling to earn 9 victories in the UFC.

Elliott's unpredictable fighting style, characterized by angular movements, sudden takedowns, and creative submissions, has a way of keeping his opponents guessing. His intense energy and determination in the octagon have made him a fan favorite, bringing excitement to every fight he's in.

Razor Thin Lines Between Victory and Defeat

Each of the top 15 fighters in the division bring a distinct set of skills and attributes to the octagon. From the technical brilliance of Brandon Moreno to the outstanding grappling of Muhammad Mokaev, and the champion status of Alexandre Pantoja, the UFC Flyweight rankings go beyond the incredible blend of speed, precision, and grappling mastery.

The 125-pound weight class is always filled with adrenaline, unpredictable outcomes, and the pursuit of championship glory. Whether it's the established champions defending their titles or rising contenders seeking to make their mark, this division is filled with unforgettable moments.

In the world of fighting, margins of victory are razor-thin, and fighters demonstrate unparalleled skill and heart for a chance to win the championship belt.