5 Takedowns That Work In Self Defense

Wrestling takedowns have been around for centuries, and they're some of the most effective self defense techniques you can learn. Wrestling takedowns are a great way to subdue an opponent.

When used correctly, they can help you get out of a bad situation or force an attacker to release his grip on you.

These five takedown techniques have been successfully used by people both in and out of self defense situations. Here are some of the best takedown techniques from wrestling that will help keep you safe during a physical altercation:

  1. Snatch Single Leg
  2. Blast Double Leg
  3. Inside/Outside Leg Trip
  4. Bear Hug/Body Lock
  5. Modified Tani Otoshi

1. Snatch Single Leg Takedown

The snatch single leg takedown is a powerful technique commonly used in wrestling and martial arts. It involves grabbing and lifting the opponent's leg while simultaneously driving forward to force them to the ground. While not super technically difficult, this move requires timing, speed, and coordination to effectively execute and secure a takedown.

This means that he will be off balance and unable to defend himself as effectively as if he was standing on both feet. You're going to grab his lifted leg and pull him down onto his back or side (depending on which way you want him facing). Once he lands on his back or side, use your weight advantage by pinning them down with your bodyweight until help arrives!

2. Blast Double Leg Takedown

The blast double leg takedown is a wrestling technique designed to take down an opponent by driving forward with intense force. It involves shooting in quickly, grabbing both legs, and lifting the opponent off the ground and slamming them onto their back.

This move requires explosive power, precision, and proper form to successfully execute. Watch the video to see how to do it correctly and get some tips for using it in self defense situations.

3. Inside/Outside Leg Trip

If you're a fan of MMA, then you might recognize the inside (or outside) leg trip as one of the most popular moves in the octagon. The inside/outside leg trip is a versatile takedown technique utilized in various combat sports and martial arts.

It involves sweeping or tripping an opponent's leg, either from the inside or outside, causing them to lose their balance and fall to the ground. This move relies on timing, speed, and proper weight distribution to disrupt an opponent's base and gain control.

The beauty of this takedown is that it can be used both offensively (to take down an opponent) and defensively (to subdue an attacker).

4. Bear Hug/Body Lock

The bear hug or body lock takedown is a powerful technique used to take down an opponent who is standing. It involves getting behind the opponent and wrapping your arms around their chest or torso in a bear hug, and then lifting and driving them to the ground.

Watch the video below to learn how to execute the bear hug takedown effectively.

5. Modified Tani Otoshi

Tani Otoshi is a throw in judo and other grappling arts that involves using an opponent's forward momentum against them. For self defense applications, the tani otoshi can be slightly modified.

To successfully pull this move off and remain in a positive position (on top of the attacker), the practitioner blocks the opponent's leg, wraps their arm around the opponent's upper body, and applies a sweeping motion to bring them down onto their back.

Slightly Less Technical but Still Very Effective

These wrestling takedowns are effective, easier to learn and use (compared to highly technical judo throws), and they don't require any special equipment or extensive grappling knowledge. That being said, make sure you practice the takedowns with a live opponent.

Watching a video once or twice isn't sufficient to fully understand the mechanics and get a feel for the technique.

All 5 of these wrestling takedowns can be used to protect yourself from an attacker who is bigger than you. This is just one of many reasons why wrestling is one of the best martial arts for self defense.